Accelerator Preschool
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Childcare, Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten Education Programs

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Accelerator Preschool Comprehensive Curriculum

Accelerator Preschool will provide a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment as well as a solid academic foundation to promote lifelong learning. We will make every effort to provide your child with the opportunity to develop pre-reading, language, cognitive and social skills.

We will provide preschoolers with the opportunity to develop pre-reading, language, cognitive and social skills at a time when their bodies and minds are presenting a tremendous capacity for learning. Our program is built on a strong commitment to the development of individuality, socially and physically competent children.
Accelerator Preschool Reading

Phonics and Reading

As children learn the Alphabetic Principles, Letter Names, Phonemic Awareness, and Phonics; they begin reading by blending letter sounds together to form words.

With weekly taking home-book bag, our preschoolers are encouraged to read their favorite books with their parent. This early success in reading builds a student's confidence and teaches them to enjoy the strength of their own mind.
Accelerator Preschool Math


Our preschoolers learn to recognized numerals and geometric shapes, pattern, classification and simple addition and subtraction through lively songs and hands-on activities.
Accelerator Preschool Science


With books, pictures, hands-on experiments, your child explore many exciting topics such as insects, plants, space, dinosaurs, food, forces, gas, water, and transportation.

By introducing new and interesting words, science lessons play an important role in building vocabulary.
Accelerator Preschool Music


At Accelerator Preschool, your child will sing many songs, which often reinforce math, phonics, phonemic awareness, the alphabetic principle, the letter names, rhymes, and weekly theme.
Accelerator Preschool Art


Preschooler paint at easels, use stencils, watercolors, tempera, chalk, and create collages. They also learn the fundamentals lines and shapes.
Accelerator Preschool Free Play

Free Play

To foster creativity and interaction with other students, we encourage your child to build and playing make-believe with a variety of toys. Many toys the students use are "manipulative".

They require the use of the hands and the mind in which your child's motor skill will naturally develop. The outside play equipment we use is fun, and it develops large muscles and imagination.

During play time, both indoor and outdoor, children learn to play well with others, to take turns, and to respect the rights of others.
Accelerator Preschool Physical Education

Physical Education

It is designed to help your child develop eye-hands coordination and large motor skills through practice running, climbing, jumping, hopping, skipping, catching and tossing ball, etc.